Sobgod (2007)

‘Secondary Spirit’

An album based loosely around the disposability of the modern world sees Those Men once again find their deep set prog roots. 12 string Shergolds, Mellotrons and other worldly lyrics create a set of songs that nestle and hold your attention bringing you suburban alchemy, battles with the unconscious, searches for spiritual love and other issues that bubble away under the surface of the World Machine .

  1. Secondary Spirit
  2. Tree
  3. Golden Love
  4. Wollical Eye
  5. Ladyman
  6. Persona Dolls
  7. Two Tall Trumpets
  8. Kate In The Compass
  9. Marsupial Daddy
  10. Seven Lies Leaving
  11. Disable The Water
  12. Sobgod
  13. Time On The Scale Of One to Four

A letter from Sobgod

‘Golden Love’ Live at the BBC 2007


Sobgod (digital)


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