Double Yellers(2006)

‘Time on the scale of 1 to 4’

Here Those Men are acoustic and this acousticness dealing with mental illness,pseuds under the eye of a killer, the power of the number four and the search for true spiritual love is acoustically presented on acoustic guitars on an acoustic E.P. Purposely using half of the magic number four to establish their acoustic line up the duo present a world view skimming acoustically just below the surface. The acoustic environment they create has been compared to the acoustics of an antechamber and that of a wandering acoustic timeline. Schematically changing acoustically from track to track Those Men create an acoustic landscape that simultaneously paradoxically stretches the word ‘acoustic’ and also hones it into its true acoustic point. Kind acoustic regards.

1.Razor Farm

2.Golden Love

3.Gangster’s Gun

4.Theramean Grove

5.Night Sea Journey

6.Seven Lies Leaving

7.Two Tall Trumpets

8.Osmosis Moon

9.Some Men

10.Use Of Fairytale

11.Circles On My Bike

12.Time On The Scale Of 1 To 4

Double Yellers (digital)


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