Fecundness (2022)

‘Rootey Bride’ from Fecundness (2022)

‘Fecundness’ is the 17th  studio release to be spawned by Those Men . A twelve track homage to the energy of the river and its associated elements of growth. Rebirth,cyclical natures, moisture, movement, purity, clarity,rural life and greenery; the album dances along with an organic, pastoral feel ,an ear for melody , acoustic rhythms and mulchy tones. A delight indeed.

  1. The dog lies on its back.
  2. Petrichor
  3. The Nature Compromise
  4. Foodstuffs
  5. The One After The One You Brought Back From Summer
  6. The Hill
  7. Murmurations
  8. Old Mother Side
  9. Pong Ping
  10. Rootey Bride
  11. Oblivion
  12. Send The World To The Cleaners
Video (2022)

Buy here https://orcd.co/thosemen_fecundness

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