Journeys into The It by Pineal (2001)

‘The Tavern’

A radio play on CD taken from part of the story ‘Beneath The Panic’. The plot focuses on the internal meandering thoughts of a panic attack victim in a doctor’s consultation room. As his mind wanders The Upper Heads, two living oracles, hold their weekly meeting in a rural idyll. A time for the local folk to have their problems perused and solved by the cryptic pair. However as usual, everything is not as it appears to be. A darkness looms behind the scenes and strange things begin to happen.

  1. The Wanderer
  2. Breakfast With The Blacksmith
  3. Subterranean Upper Heads
  4. Early Morning Near The It
  5. The Tavern
  6. The Upper Heads’ Theme
  7. Terrestrial Upper Heads
  8. The Deed
  9. Up On The Hill
‘Up on the hill’ video 2019

Journeys into The It by Pineal (digital)


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