Ponky Hates Pollution(2000)

‘Knives in Hidey Holes’

An axolotl blessed with the all-seeing eye warns us about the different types of pollution that are engulfing the earth. The sound pollution surrounding us all every nanosecond of the day as internet, microwave radiation and idle chatter grind into our brains. The pollution of animals by mindless preservatives and antibiotics. Four wheel driven tanks taking our children to school spurting out carbon monoxide et al into their pretty little faces. Ponky tells us about it all and more using musical styles galore. A meditation on the flavours we demand at any cost.

  1. Ponky Hates Pollution
  2. Hormonal Pig
  3. Butter Can
  4. Beautiful Smell
  5. Diving And You
  6. Out Of Proportion European Nose
  7. Dicky Bird
  8. Aubergine
  9. School Run Mum
  10. My Splendid Mutant Chicken
  11. Monkey Tree (you’ll never find an apple in a…….)
  12. Metal Faces
  13. All You Can Do
  14. Knives In Hidey Holes
  15. Night Sea Journey
  16. 405 not 64

Ponky Hates Pollution (digital)


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