The Duper Syndrome (1998)

‘The Hole In The Sun’

The figures of Buddha, Lao Tzu, Jesus Christ, Mohammed and Vishnu are found seated around a small circular table smiling deep in conversation in the centre of the sun. A serial killer stalks the stairwells of a deserted tower block. A solitary firefly holds the last light of a distant solar system tightly against its belly. A discarded coarse haired sack flaps around in the dust. A highly sexed female astronaut, in charge of monitoring planetary pollution levels, embarks on yet another affair. X-Files meets space soap opera meets 50’s SciFi meets progpop as seemingly unconnected random events weld together in a musical journey through near and far Universes.

  1. The Hole In The Sun
  2. Frozen Guy
  3. Fat Little Insect/Sundrops
  4. Skiller
  5. Planting The Weather
  6. Wombless Too
  7. Sister Spaceman /Osmosis Moon
  8. Old Man
  9. Firefly In A Jar
  10. Just A Gown
‘Osmosis Moon’ Live 2012

The Duper Syndrome (digital )


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