Theman Simpulse (2010)

‘Ignacious Pig Freak’

Theman Simpulse -”One of 2010’s greatest musical enigmas and oddities” Classic Rock Presents Prog

 ‘Those Men have crafted one of the most ambitious, original, and experimentally brave albums of the last thirty years’ – Sea Of Tranquility

Now reissued twelve years after its initial release. This edition is complete with original book containing the Theman Simpulse story, double album with 41 songs and narration by actor Sebastian Abineri (Killing Eve, Sherlock Holmes, A Bridge Too Far)

Using narration and diverse musical forms ranging from pop songs to prog epics, from ballads to comedy moments, from dance to new millennium psychedelia, ‘Theman Simpulse’ chronicles the four second journey of a middle aged man’s thought process in response to a question ‘ What’s the matter darling, you don’t seem yourself?’ asks his wife at the breakfast table. The catalyst for an odyssey of self discovery for Theman as he passes through varying landscapes in and outside his own psyche in search of the answer. From the fiery demands of a disturbing priest to surfing mercurially through spirals of his own D.N.A.From being passed out of his own body in a stream of urine to entering the unconscious and meeting characters of numinosity supreme. From being evaporated up into the clouds at the hands of the archetypal betrayer to rebirth in a rural idyll. In four seconds the man’s impulse buffets from question to answer in a relentless quest for self knowledge.

Disc One

  1. Do You Believe In The Fire In Your Soul?
  2. Unbelievable Skin
  3. The Clean And Mutant Peace Tunnel
  4. Recreation Day
  5. A Piece Of The Bridge
  6. D.N.A.
  7. The Symphony Unfolds
  8. The Hanging Head Man
  9. Backwards Somersaults
  10. The Confused Catfish
  11. Mutation
  12. Evolution
  13. Kryptolebias Marmoratus
  14. Down The Peace Hole
  15. The Handcradling Woman
  16. The Skelton
  17. Big Car
  18. Bowl Of Jealousy
  19. Theoretical Love

Disc Two

  1. Ignacious Pig Freak
  2. Suddenly
  3. Submarine Smile
  4. Guilt
  5. The Sex Chamber
  6. What Colour Was The Badger Roadkill?
  7. An Evolving Landscape
  8. Thick Yeasty Dark Brown Savoury Spread That Is Generally Only Available In The United KIngdom, South Africa And The Antipodes
  9. Up The Chute
  10. The Air Song
  11. I’m Going To Field
  12. Raven’s Ait
  13. Boulders And Clay
  14. Lunacy Of Love
  15. Backswimmers and Boatmen
  16. The Puddle That Never Dries
  17. The Men Will Dance With Butterflies
  18. The Dreams Come
  19. Germination And The Seed Grows
  20. Preconditions Unshackling
  21. Tractor Yang Man
  22. What Would You Say If You Had To Eat Yourself Today?
Video of ‘Evolution’

Interview about ‘Theman Simpulse’ with Epileptic Gibbon Dec 2010

Video of ‘Submarine Smile’

‘Theman Simpulse’ double CD with book

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Theman Simpulse (digital)


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