These Women (2002)

‘The Paradox Song’

‘These Women’ is an attempt to understand the male perception of the female and hence the male perception of his female within. Using song types dance, pop, experimental, ballad, soul, progressive and grungepunk Those Men explore the many facets of the female. Mistakes, revelations, questions, misconceptions, part truths, harmonics, anti chords, melodies, happy endings, frustration, wild, confined, unfinished the album stretches itself out asking to be analysed and dissected and at the same time left alone to be. Sixty three minutes of listening challenging you to take down your shackles and lie in the mess that is inside each of us.

  1. The Paradox Song
  2. I Am A Woe!man
  3. You’re Off On Polar Bears Again
  4. Henrietta (don’t you let her)
  5. The Word Is Love
  6. Just Another Bit Of Cheese
  7. Market Or Jericho
  8. High Heat
  9. Please Don’t Let Me Drown
  10. Witch Or Whatever
  11. Something’s Wrong
  12. Rhino In The Undergrowth
  13. Uncomfortably Mad In The Backroom
  14. Sanctify
  15. Projection
  16. Crawling Across The Roof

These Women (digital)


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