Why Move?

’22 rooms’

Movement, the way forward in the never ending search for the next. Don’t stay still or else you’ll be left behind and that wouldn’t be good. But why move? The stillness of the sun, the lump of yellow ignored by the masses. The insanity of the world traveller.Don’t dare use the movement inside, you’ll find something you won’t like. Oh the overrated joys of the walk! When somebody no longer needs you, it’s time to move on and start again. Like Icarus you must always aim upwards and away to find the Gods and their eternal truth.. The River Paradox continually still but always moving. That look of connection that starts the motion to eventual decay once again. Why move? Why let it keep happening? A white flag of resignation to ‘the way’ perhaps. Or on the other side a surrender to what it is when it is still. And then a cacophony of dissident chanting once again. Why move? Why move? Why move? Scared of stillness. Reflections can be uncompromisingly honest and painful. Move away from them.If you only have twenty two rooms, it’s time to move to somewhere that has twenty three isn’t it?

  1. Theramean Grove
  2. Circles On My Bike
  3. Creature Feature
  4. Shank’s Pony
  5. We’re Just Moving In Circles
  6. Talking To The Angels
  7. Atlas Song
  8. 4 Second Look
  9. A White Flag Upon My Skin
  10. Why Move?
  11. 22 Rooms

Why Move (digital)


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